Wednesday 14 November 2007

New gnome-phone-manager and Telepathy

I just released a new tarball of gnome-phone-manager, version 0.40. New in this version is the Telepathy backend. It's still a work-in-progress. But it allows you to send and receive messages from any number of phones.

Here's a little screencast:

There are obviously a number of bugs, including the fact that none of the contacts from your phone show up in the buddy list, so you can't send new messages. Try using gnome-phone-manager itself for now, but the future lies here.

PS: Get your distros to update gnome-phone-manager. Fedora has the latest versions in rawhide and Fedora 8. Some distros *cough*buntu*cough* still ship ancient versions.


Unknown said...

Telepathy is taking over the world.

Unknown said...

Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful !

I really have to get my ass off and try those AT commands on my 5500 ...

DoomHammer said...




I was thinking about gnome-phone-manager, Empathy and Telepathy marriage for about a week now. Yesterday I was dreaming how beautiful it would be. And now this!

Where can I send you the beer?

Bastien Nocera said...

doomHammer: There's a link to my wishlist on the front page of the blog. Obviously, the bits in the Bluetooth wishlist would be more fitting (though expensive).