Monday 5 December 2011

Stalk^W Following designs, the easy way

If you want to follow all the new designs from the GNOME Design team, including work-in-progress mockups, gathering of relevant art, etc. be sure to subscribe yourself to the pages that interest you in the various sections of the GNOME Wiki.

A nice trick is using our Wiki's notification, with regex support. Head onto your notification settings page, and add those lines to the "Subscribed wiki pages":


Sunday 4 December 2011

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 5

Yesterday was our sponsored dinner, at a very nice vegetarian place, followed by some cinema discussions in a bar where the toilets are hidden behind mirrored walls (most strange).

Still, quite a few happenings in code land:

The hackfest is drawing to a close, and I'll take this opportunity to thank our very kind sponsors for flights, accomodation and even feeding us in the office so we didn't have to stop hacking for long.

Also a big thank you to Igalia for providing us with hacking beer in the evenings (left-overs from Igalia's 10th anniversary party, a happy coincidence).

Many thanks to Xan, Juanjo and Alex for the hackfest organisation, and the personal chauffeur service, and my most heartfelt thanks to Juanjo for his infinite patience to our tourist needs (such as showing us the Torre de Hércules on a windy December afternoon).

Vegas Baby!

Before: No video, because no Flash, and no MP4 support

After: Video, through Totem's Vegas plugin

Totem's new Vegas browser plugin provides you with a way to watch Flash based videos, without using Flash, using libquvi's growing collection of supported sites.

Code is available from GNOME git this instant. Be sure to pass --enable-vegas-plugin=yes to compile the plugin.

Saturday 3 December 2011

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 4

The crema de ojuro took effect. While the effects simmered down, code fixing was still in full flow.

  • Philippe finished landing the fullscreen fixes for the <video>
  • Xan and Claudio started fixing GNOME 3.4 Epiphany design bugs (on the road towards the Web app design)
  • Alex, Martin, Joone and Nayan all looked into Accelerated Compositing. They all owe you, dear reader, blog posts full of nitty gritty details.
  • Jon didn't spend the day debugging bizarre browsers crashes
  • Wingo punched the air as he figured out a tricky memory allocation issue. He also listened to the Thundercats theme tune, in a loop
  • Gustavo and Dan figured out a design for multipart/x-mixed-replace support, as used by some streaming IP cameras, and Gustavo started the implementation
  • Nayan showed legendary patience waiting for tourists outside a haberdashery
  • Dan committed a number of libsoup related cleanups in WebKitGTK+, including a very impressive minus 200 lines cleanup.

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 3

Another incredible day of hacks, and UI design.

And despite the crema de ojuro, hacking carries on at the week-end. Join us in #webkit-gtk-hackfest on GIMPNet.

Thursday 1 December 2011

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 2

After a late evening yesterday, the hackfest started a bit slower, but started picking up pace again with a big ticket item, the WebKit2 GTK+ API discussion. This was the destination for a lot of the WebKitGTK+ hackers, leaving us outsiders, well, outside. The discussion isn't quite finished.

This lead us onto a little lunchtime kick-about. The arrange 6 v. 6 game turned into a 5 v. 4 before getting to the ground, and finish as a 3 v. 4 when two of our most jet-lagged/backbroke hackers dropped out.

And then onto a lunch. And another late evening.
  • Philippe fixed more bugs in WebKitGTK+'s fullscreen video playback mode
  • Bob uploaded a new draft of his WebKitGTK+ cookbook
  • Gustavo was playing Street Fighter whilst increasing the size of his farm on Facebook (in WebApp mode!)
  • And the new buildbot is up, running, and churning through test suites in a loop, as fast as the hackers can add new code.