Wednesday 28 February 2007

Totem was on Heroes too

Christian mentioned it to me some time ago, but I completely forgot to mention it in my blog. Totem was on Heroes, in the midst of all that KDE desktop.

You can see the very recognisable old-school window icon by Jimmac, as well as the distinctive menu entries. We don't have the nifty equaliser bits showing on the right implemented though.

(I actually thought it was an old version of GNOME with Sawfish/Sawmill the first time I saw this episode...)

Tuesday 27 February 2007

Film update

And more blogging, this time films:
  • Bombs and blockbusters, a documentary about blockbusters, and how to make one. Not ground-breaking, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Confetti, a very very disappointing British comedy. I was expecting better from reading the casting.
  • Melinda and Melinda, a Woody Allen that's a bit more like the old stuff (ie. good)
  • The Brothers Grimm, a very entertaining fairy tale (with scary bits and decent plot included)
  • Children Of Men, excellent post-apocalyptic (ie. in 10 years time) Britain, solid acting, and interesting characters. I want more!
  • Blood Diamond, I got more! Di Caprio with a Zimbabwean accent for most part of the film, except when dying/yelling while dying.
  • The Last Kiss, I wanted to see more Zach Braff, and was a little disappointed. A film about relationships and "freedom" (ie. lack of responsibility). Doesn't really dwelve into the reasons for Braff's cheating, or that lack of commitment all the characters seem to be looking for.

Monday 26 February 2007

Time for an update

And you thought that was a blog update. But no!
Really, I would need to update my website. I've already moved my blog to a less shabby place, on blogspot. Some explanations needed about the website. I built it upon some "Slashcode" from back in the days (around 2000), in PHP, with no regards for possible upgrade, and plenty of hacks. I moved my blog there using PHPbloxsom (or something like that) when Advogato first folded. So, cleaning up my mess, you could find:
  • WindowMaker themes, dockapps and a bunch of GNOME EWMH 1.x hint patches
  • the infamous Bobbi video ("Hi, my name's Bobbi...")
  • Plenty of patches for the rio500 utilities, including animation support, and Walk500, the tip-top song manager for your Rio500
  • An original PPC "port" of xine 0.3.7
  • graphics for the kernel 2.4 release contest
  • Eject button support for PPC iBooks and iMacs (July 2001, and already into keyboard malarkey)
  • A kudzu patch to send D-Bus messages when new mount points are available, and the corresponding magicdev patch (gnome-volume-manager... in October 2003!)
  • a video of Chema Celorio sky-surfing
  • mentions of me having an iBook, or an iMac
  • an hiragana input method for GTK+
  • used-to-look-cool screenshots
  • the crazy SEGA Chu-Chu Rocket advert
It will all be gone soon, but the Internet Wayback Machine will keep it all for some time.

Update: I corrected Chema's name, and uploaded the video to Google Video, it should show up on the link above when Google has finished processing it...

Tuesday 13 February 2007

Like everyone's new toy

I received my new Nokia 800 yesterday, and got to play with it a bit. Apart from having been able to settle an argument about which CPU the XBox 360 uses (thanks Wikipedia), and toying with the chat apps, I've added a few apps to it, including a terminal (which will please my housemate), Chris' Dates, Tuomas' Plankton theme. No luck getting Plazer installed (some missing deps).

The web browser has a great resolution, and makes browsing large web pages easy, some bits of the interface are rather immature though (2 buttons to click to select the "Off" button action, the spinner showing up when clicking a link in the browser, etc.), and the application manager is a bit flaky and the error reporting blows.

The other disappointments, hardware-wise: no screen protection, apart from the sleeve (not really rugged), and the smaller power connector than my current Nokia phone (there must be some adapters so I don't need to carry 2 power supplies...).

The VMWare SDK image could turn out to be useful.