Wednesday 22 August 2007

Behaving like a kid (Part 1)

Thomaschine sucks at FIFA :)

PS: Behave you start leaving messages here, I wholly expect tonight's results to be quite different...

Tuesday 21 August 2007


I came back nearly two weeks ago from my holidays in France. Very relaxing, 4 barbecues with merguez each time. Wicked.
I brought back a few things though, and pictures of it!

Ezio "Stripes-guy", wearing a (too small) gift of mine

Noddy made it to France. Stop nodding already!

There's frogs in France. Who would have guessed.

I got to watch Le Viager, as Michel Serrault passed away shortly before.

Next post is about behaving like a kid.

Thursday 16 August 2007

Lazy^WWindows web, can you help?

Trying to fix a little Totem bug, could anyone with a Windows machine and Windows Media Player 11 copy the output of this page in the comments (of the blog, or in the bug)?


Note that I tried to install it with Wine, but no luck, at all.