Sunday 11 November 2007

30 Days of Night, 29 Days Of Plot Holes

Went to watch 30 Day Of Night, and it's so bad that it needs to be mentioned as such. People looked very pissed off coming out of the cinema, and multiple mentions of the word shite were heard. A DVD of that film is, in fact, shit-in-a-box. If you have to go watch it, ingest large amounts of recreational drugs, and laugh when it looks most inappropriate.

The pedant in me found that in the "You wants to win £100" sketch, on the Peter Serafinowicz Show, the answer to "Which city is the capital of France" question was wrong. Vichy was the capital of France during most of the second world war, even more so during the London bomb raids. Still a great show.

Watch O News.


Chris said...

I didn't think 30 days of night was that bad! Certainly not good, a bit throw-away, but not *bad*... It might've tainted my view though that the film I saw before that was Deathproof...

The author said...

Oh give me a break!
I will rate 7.0 to The Fridge thing just to get this one down down down to 3.0
However,... Memorable quotes from that movie:
"Chatack!!!" "Groarrr" "tak!!!" -> Human casualties +1
After chopping the head off a little crazy bad actress girl:
"you did well" "someone recognises her?"

Really, agreed with hadess,...


Anonymous said...

this movie was awesome! i cant stop watching it! danny huston did an amazing job nailing down his character. he has the perfect qualities of a vampire that a vampire should have. it must be hard as hell to even try to invent a "vampire" language on your own as part of your job. josh did a great job too. his acting was well performed. the ending leads us to believe that there will be a sequal?? (by the look in stellas eyes at the end) i pray that there will be a sequal since the movie only covers 30 days of a 65 day long night-time period. (barrow alaska stays dark for 65 days in real life. the sun only comes up a couple of times during that period and only for a few hrs.... so hopefully they will cover more of that in a second film.