Tuesday 6 August 2013

GUADEC Hardware giveaway: Update

Broadcom CrystalHD 70015

Fabiano Fidêncio will be working on integrating the GStreamer plugin for it upstream, and making sure that the default experience with those devices is good in Fedora. The less powerful 70012 card is now in my 6-year old Dell laptop to test Fabiano's work.

Dell Wireless 5520 3G modem

The 3G modem that's been ousted from the Dell laptop to make room for the CrystalHD will go to Aleksander Morgado, in his "torture chamber" (his words) for ModemManager.

iPod Touch 2G

The iPod is going to Adam Reviczky who's going to look into Notes syncing over IMAP (hopefully, it looks like the device might be too old) and for mobile website testing.