Saturday 3 November 2007


After the Bluetooth interview a couple of weeks ago, another one popped up about codeina/Codec Buddy, starring my good friend Thomas.

In other news, I want to stab Nokia and Sony Ericsson (I stabbed Motorola a long time ago) for their inexistant proprietary protocols specs, and their sub-par AT protocol implementations. Look at the recent commits in gnome-phone-manager for proofs.

Update: I forgot to mention the interviews were the work of Jon Roberts. The interviews make a very good read if you're interested in what's new in Fedora 8.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hadess (I'm the grumpy 5500 owner), one obvious thought occured to me while reading Fedora8's BT page: you (in the large sense of the term) should try to integrate gnome-phone-manager with empathy for SMS/call notifications. So sending/receiving SMS would be like messaging, with contacts information directly fetched from e-d-s, and maybe call could be made over BT.
I'd give it a try, but as you know my phone doesn't support SMS/call notifications ;)

Bastien Nocera said...

Way ahead of you :)

Luis Villa said...

Is there any snowball's chance in hell any of this will work with a Blackberry Pearl?

Bastien Nocera said...

Luis, it might work, if your device has a Serial Port or Dial-Up Networking port available.