Thursday 31 July 2008

About wasting time

Make sure your application's setup uses GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS in configure, and has WARN_CFLAGS in the CFLAGS... I just wasted too much time doing fixing a bug that wasn't.

Monday 28 July 2008

GIMP on the Beeb

The GIMP was featured in Click, a tech show on the BBC. They got the license wrong though.

Seems Jakub already spotted it.

Freedesktop sound theme support: done!

Details in bugzilla. Bugs go to bugzilla as well. Death to esound!

PS: robster is a sucka, fixing bugs in dead code.

Thursday 24 July 2008

Totem article: "Movie Magic"

Philip will be happy. The author of this article for Linux Magazine UK is full of praise for the YouTube plugin. Good work Philip!

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Better late than never

Back in the day, I used my paycheck to buy the top-notch MP3 player that was the Rio500. Unfortunately, I forgot it in the back pocket on my plane seat when flying over to Raleigh for my Red Hat induction. And then I used one of my first new job paycheck to buy a second generation (and very very expensive) iPod.

You could say that hacking on Walk500, a front-end to that great player is the reason why I'm hacking on GNOME these days.

I couldn't bear the thought anymore, and bought a Rio500 on eBay for $5. Hacking on it half-an-hour at a time, I cleaned up the code. The latest release of the modern era is available on SourceForge.

Saturday 12 July 2008

Put your hands up for the tripes!

I love this city! (Tu-de-de-de-tu-tu-tuTu-de-de-de-tu-tu-tu)

Awesome (fist pump!) picture of Aya Sophia and the Blue Mosque at sunset coming soon. Tourists haven't had their breakfasts yet, so they're not in any piccies.

Monday 7 July 2008

Stormy for GNOME!

As Luis mentioned, congrats to Stormy for getting the GNOME Foundation gig, and well done to the Foundation for hiring such a great person.

What Luis didn't mention is that we know for a fact that a few people have a crush on Stormy. You know where to send the hush-money.

LIRC setup! (now in Fedora)

If you have an infra-red remote control, you can now use gnome-lirc-properties, available in Fedora Rawhide. There were quite a few changes and upstream fixes required to make it work, which makes this change blog-worthy.

Thanks to Murray and Mathias for the help getting the changes in upstream.

Attention FreeFA Players!

Tomorrow, outside the Uni main entrance, at 4 o'clock. A bus will be waiting, don't forget to bring your stuff!

PS: I bribed Dieguito, and Micke is on my team. We're gonna rock!

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Finally recognised!

People still don't understand that I never show up in Red Hat's new UK offices, which is why that little piece of plastic was left for a long while on a desk that I don't occupy: I got my nice little 5-year award today! And I won't have to wait for 5 years for the 10-year on as it will actually be 6 years in September. Wicked!