Tuesday 20 November 2007


Richard, Matthias, no need to speculate. Just search for cancel in the gthread bugs. Redirect comments to the mailing-list posts mentioned in the bugzilla. Easy.

(I did ask that question a number of years ago for Totem)
(Matthias, I sent a mail to Richard months ago telling him his blog sucks for not allowing anonymous comments)


Anonymous said...

Well, actually I hesitated before answering Richard via Planet GNOME, and I considered mailing him. Finally urge combined with lazzyness (to figure out his e-mail address) won.

Unknown said...


You should rather consider do yourself a clean cancel of the thread pthread_cancel() has a difficult semantic to implement and pthread_kill() will not be a clean solution.
Resource allocated during the thread have to be cleaned up properly.

You'd rather do the following (with proper locks) :

while (has_some_work_to_do) {
if (cancelled)
do things;
cancelled = true;

Bastien Nocera said...

Viêt Hoà, you already pasted that in Mathias' blog...