Monday 16 June 2008

He does it again!

Frank Scholz is the hero again. The Coherence UPNP framework developer, after bravely fixing many bugs in Rhythmbox' UPNP plugin, added UPNP support to Totem.

Will get integrated in Totem itself in due time.

And after people whinged a lot in my previous post's comments, Carlo filed a lot of bugs, and while some of them are already fixed with newer kernels, others are getting fixed by our very own mjg59 (I know he doesn't like me being so possessive).

And as a proof that filing bugs helps other people, one user added himself to the CC: for all the opened EeePC bugs. Now he can monitor progress, help with testing, and disable his work-arounds when the time comes. Yiipee!


Anonymous said...

what's the upnp behavoir for video_ts folders? is it possible for these to be served as a single entity

Bastien Nocera said...

I have no idea, never tried to be honest. I don't see how you could serve it as a "single entity" without having some DVD specific code in the media server part though.

And this is all about the client part of things anyway...

karl said...

hihihihi you really love me and italy, yeah?! :D

You'll never forget my name :D

nice work with the fixes

ps we played really nice.