Thursday 1 December 2011

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 2

After a late evening yesterday, the hackfest started a bit slower, but started picking up pace again with a big ticket item, the WebKit2 GTK+ API discussion. This was the destination for a lot of the WebKitGTK+ hackers, leaving us outsiders, well, outside. The discussion isn't quite finished.

This lead us onto a little lunchtime kick-about. The arrange 6 v. 6 game turned into a 5 v. 4 before getting to the ground, and finish as a 3 v. 4 when two of our most jet-lagged/backbroke hackers dropped out.

And then onto a lunch. And another late evening.
  • Philippe fixed more bugs in WebKitGTK+'s fullscreen video playback mode
  • Bob uploaded a new draft of his WebKitGTK+ cookbook
  • Gustavo was playing Street Fighter whilst increasing the size of his farm on Facebook (in WebApp mode!)
  • And the new buildbot is up, running, and churning through test suites in a loop, as fast as the hackers can add new code.

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