Sunday 4 December 2011

Vegas Baby!

Before: No video, because no Flash, and no MP4 support

After: Video, through Totem's Vegas plugin

Totem's new Vegas browser plugin provides you with a way to watch Flash based videos, without using Flash, using libquvi's growing collection of supported sites.

Code is available from GNOME git this instant. Be sure to pass --enable-vegas-plugin=yes to compile the plugin.


Mattias Bengtsson said...

Nice! Does this work in Epiphany?

Bastien Nocera said...

Mattias: Not currently working in Epiphany due to a WebKit/Clutter interaction problem, but that's a general Totem plugin problem, not specific to Vegas.

Kris said...

This is SOOOO awesome!
Does it work on Youtube - thats nearly the only flash-page i regularly visit... It would be so nice to throw out Flash-plugin.

Bastien Nocera said...

Kris: The full list of supported sites is whatever quvi supports. The biggest problem might be embedded player for some websites (for example, if you embed the Guardian videos in another page, they just won't work). But looking at the original page should definitely work.

Anonymous said...

Make sure to update totem's package in fedora rawhide to support this :)

Anonymous said...


I've just left Ubuntu for Debian Wheezy (GNOME 3.4 for the most part) and i can't figure how having Vegas.
Maybe you could give me some advice ?

Jiří Janoušek said...


> I've just left Ubuntu for Debian Wheezy

Me too ;-)

> i can't figure how having Vegas

The commit with Vegas was made to a development branch for Totem 3.4, but up-to-date Debian Wheezy has Totem 3.0.1, so no Vegas. You can ask maintainers of Totem in Debian, why the Debian package lags two versions. My guesses are:

* not enough man-hours
* no success to provide newer versions for all architectures supported by Debian

Anonymous said...

sudo apt-get install -t experimental totem
sudo apt-get install -t experimental totem-mozilla
i now run totem & totem-mozilla 3.4.2 (and libquvi-scripts 0.4.8)
I've disabled Flash within Firefox (15.0.1) and totem-mozilla works well for Youtube H264 but not for Vimeo or Dailymotion whereas libquvi is supposed to support them... any idea ? Thanks in advance