Sunday 4 December 2011

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 5

Yesterday was our sponsored dinner, at a very nice vegetarian place, followed by some cinema discussions in a bar where the toilets are hidden behind mirrored walls (most strange).

Still, quite a few happenings in code land:

The hackfest is drawing to a close, and I'll take this opportunity to thank our very kind sponsors for flights, accomodation and even feeding us in the office so we didn't have to stop hacking for long.

Also a big thank you to Igalia for providing us with hacking beer in the evenings (left-overs from Igalia's 10th anniversary party, a happy coincidence).

Many thanks to Xan, Juanjo and Alex for the hackfest organisation, and the personal chauffeur service, and my most heartfelt thanks to Juanjo for his infinite patience to our tourist needs (such as showing us the Torre de Hércules on a windy December afternoon).


Guij said...

About half of the afternoons in A Coruña are windy December afternoons ;) (the other half is made of rainy November afternoons).
Late disclaimer: if you are from A Coruña, you didn't read me writing that.

Bastien Nocera said...

Guji: Haha. I've not been here long enough to make that sort of comment. Reminds me of Britanny, but warmer. I guess people who lived near Cornwall, or on the seaside in Ireland would see the connection too.