Wednesday 30 November 2011

WebKitGTK+ Hackfest: Day 1, Afternoon

After num-num tapas for lunch (and some chocolatey cake), we got back to the agenda, with Jon presenting the design for the Web application, successor (in spirit, and perhaps in code) to Epiphany.

  • Andy did the initial work on adding new language features to JavaScriptCore (let and const, as used heavily in gnome-shell)
  • Martin and Gustavo worked on a way to automate running the WebKitGTK tests with test fonts, and are working on making all the tests automated, and reproduceable
  • Philippe fixed fullscreen support in the HTML5 YouTube player
  • Dan fixed the broken security status in Epiphany
  • Carlos worked on the WebKit2 support for windowed plugins, and the WebKit side of favicons support
  • Philippe, Martin and yours truly discussed sharing of fullscreen media controls (UI and behaviour) between WebKitGTK, Totem and Sushi, as well as a way to make fullscreening smoother.
I hear they didn't finish all the beers for Igalia's 10th anniversary party...


Marcus Lundblad said...

Are there plans to switch from mozjs to Javascript Core for gnome-shell?

Bastien Nocera said...

Marcus: Not sure there are plans, but having it be possible at all is a first step :)