Thursday 28 February 2008


I committed my work on the ObexFTP backend for gvfs yesterday, and fixed a good number of bugs in it today (one deadlock, missing icons, etc.). And it's looking quite neat.

After selecting the device in the Bluetooth applet's "Browse Device..." menu, the device shows up on the desktop with a nice name and a window pops up.

Nice icon!

Photos I need to upload somewhere!

The nice thing is that it'll automatically unmount when the phone is out of range, or the Bluetooth adapter is removed/disabled (such as when suspending).


Étienne Bersac said...


Congratulation for you work on blutooth. It's just so easier and easier to receive file and now sharing and browsing.

Your screenshot seems to feature a nice low res icon, current hardy seems to scale a big icon in the panel, that's not very nice.

Keep up the good work.


John said...


Did you know you can use Conduit to automatically sync/upload photos from your phone to $PHOTO_SITE ?

I have a number of users already doing this using the existing gnomevfs-obexftp, so its good to see the functionality remain in gvfs.

Unfortunately, there is no python bindings for gio/gvfs, so I cant move to using it so this is largely a hypothetical suggestion :-)


Christos Vasilakis said...

Thank you for your work!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks a lot :-) That has been my personal number one missing feature in gvfs.

Anonymous said...

Broke it already! :-)

OK, so Ubuntu Hardy has 0.1.8svn20080228 (:>). And I use Nokia E61i, and its root directory looks like this:

aleander@HumanError:~$ gvfs-ls 'obex://[CE:NS:OR:ED]/'

This breaks nautilus completely. Using correct urls with %3A in place of ':' works for command-line tools, but not for Nautilus :-)

Now to see if I can push it to launchpad/bugzilla correctly :>

Anonymous said...

Umm, by completely I mean it says that the location is not mounted (in Polish), not that it sigsegvs :-)

stuaxo said...

The auto unmounting thing is really cool. Is there any way to sync music to a bluetooth device when it's near?

I'd really like to be able to auto rotate the music on my phone, from a directory - it's hassle to do it manually so it stays the same and gets boring :-\

Bastien Nocera said...

Aleander, need something more recent. I committed the stuff on the 28th, and fixed real bad bugs this morning. Feel free to file new ones though :)

Stu, see

Unknown said...

Why don't showing the paired obex enalbed devices in the nautilus devices page, togheter with optical drives, floppies etc, even when not available? this way:

* if we browse a not paired device, it appears in nautilus places and disappears when not available anymore

* if we want to browse a paired device, we can either reach it via the "browse device..." dialog or double click on it's "unmounted obex phone" device in nautilus "computer" page.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bastien, gvfs svn from yesterday still doesn't mount C: and E: directories on Nokia S60 phones. :(

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous, you should file a bug! Otherwise it's no use to me...

Anonymous said... :]

I do apologize in advance if this is a Nautilus bug rather than gvfs-obexftp's, but I'm rather desperate to get this working :]