Saturday 23 February 2008

gnome-bluetooth nearly dead

After the fun time debugging, I started implementing ObexPush in gnome-user-share, pretty much as planned. Code's in SVN. Next up are notifications, and asking whether to accept transfers for each session.

My little transfer just got started

I also committed the new goom visuals to gst-plugins-good. Better visuals, MMX, SSE2 and Altivec optimisations (I think). Get it from CVS while it's hot!

Hot chips, yummy


pirast said...

does it use opengl for rendering now?

Bastien Nocera said...

Nope it still uses Xv.

Frej said...

Played around with a recent checkout of bluez-gnome. (ubuntu is way behind). And i was thinking about this - Why is handling wireless bluetooth that different from "wireless ethernet" (from a gui perspectives)?

Just show a list of devices as network-manager does?
Selecting a bluetooth device would ofcourse require different handling than wireless ethernet (plain select in network-manager).

Ofcourse having active scanning for bluetooth could use more power than justifiable compared to wireless ethernet, that everybody uses.
Sorry for not cooking up a patch ;)

Bastien Nocera said...

Frej, we don't do it that way because Bluetooth isn't just a way to get access to a network from remote locations.

There's only 2 of the features handled by Bluetooth devices that have their place in NetworkManager (Dial-Up Networking and Personal Area Networking), and they're being worked on.

The rest isn't (you wouldn't show FTP servers or soundcards in NM, would you?). And you can't scan for devices all the time. See discussions about this on the NetworkManager list about why/

Frej said...

That makes sense, thanks for taking the time to clarify :)

Rethinking it - grouping by protocol/tech isn't that good an idea :(.