Saturday 16 February 2008

Much more TLA!

I'm on holidays ATM, but at a friend's place, and he's got a Freebox with TV-over-ADSL. That allowed me to test and fix the Cone (see where the name comes from?) plugin of Totem to have a good enough VLC-compatibility to handle the page. Details over in Bugzilla.

Late night French TV using Totem

PS: Vuntz owes me.


Philippe said...

Hey, i'm french and a happy user of totem but i wonder if it's possible to get multiposte working with Totem. I always failed whatever backend (Xine or Gstreamer) I used. VLC works fine however. Should I fill a bug report? Thanks.

** Message: Error: Could not read from resource.
gstrtspsrc.c(2892): gst_rtspsrc_send (): /play/source:
Got error response: 455 (Method Not Valid In This State).

Anonymous said...

Yuppe, I confirm, this is a really late show, and I imagine what kind of cone motivates you...

But I agree with soliste, playlist support (the "multiposte" service) would be welcome in Totem. better having numerous solutions instead of one.

Étienne Bersac said...


Bravo ! Freeplayer est certainement le seul blocage à la désinstallation de VLC pour une utilisation de Totem uniquement sur mon bureau. Ça c'est de la bonne nouvelle :D

Félicitations à tous :)


Bastien Nocera said...

The "multiposte" bug is filed in Bugzilla.

Not my bug, but I fixed the problems with parsing the playlist offered on

Vince said...

Your cone-attitude must be related to the coneball game vlc'ers invented at Centrale's campus

Bastien Nocera said...

Vince, it was only the logo I was talking about, but I guess that's a better one, let's rewrite history :)

da_scritch, you have a twisted mind.