Tuesday 18 September 2007

Zonbu does run Totem

The guys at Zonbu finally fixed their multimedia page to mention they use Totem for DVD playback, after I e-mailed them a couple of months ago. And obviously, they don't use KDE but XFCE. Mr. Fourdan told me so himself... a couple of times.


ザイツェヴ said...

Meanwhile, Totem on Fedora remains as useless as always. One have to wonder if this was intented.

Bastien Nocera said...

ザイツェヴ, whao. Thanks very much. Try and fix the US patent system, and we might have a discussion.

Totem is Fedora isn't what it could be because of the inability for us to ship a lot of patented codecs and demuxers. Feel free to contact me when you're ready for more than useless jibes.