Friday 14 September 2007

14 years ago

Just like Thomas, I can remember when I bought my first CD. 14 years ago, I was 14 and bought my first CD (a single) with my hard-earned money (ie. pocket money), in the supermarket near my new school.

I can still remember the beautiful words and the great bass. So beautiful I could cry.

Thank you Culture Beat.

I know what I want and I want it now
I want you 'cause I'm Mr Vain


Anonymous said...

Yeah! You just brought back tons of memories from my teen years! This also brings memories of all the great tunes of back in the day. The nineties were awesome!

Whoever our age that didn't party to the tune of Culture Beat was, simply put, an alien.

"Coz I'm Mr. Vain!"

Anonymous said...

Haahaahaaahaahaa thanks bastian

Ian McKellar said...

Oh my god, I hadn't thought about Culture Beat's Mr Vain for years (actually, probably months).

Now I'm listening to it on

I wonder how th rest of the album is...