Monday 3 September 2007

5 years ago

I found this e-mail in my Inbox today.

Dear Bastien Nocera,

Commitment is a core value at Red Hat because our success depends on dedicated individuals. We would like to thank you for your expression of commitment in achieving 5 years of loyal service. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your Red Hat career.

Thank you

When I was 16-17, I wanted to work with Linux, and Red Hat was the Linux company, and it still is. And I'm glad I spent 4 years working for the support organisation, I learnt a lot, even though I'm still nodding my way through when Bryn or Jose explain some intricate device-mapper or PAM stuff they've been working on. I don't think I'm done learning.


Anonymous said...

I still remember when you made me work on a ticket during my interview and nodded happily when I wrote Red Hat and not RedHat or Redhat :-) Congrats for your 5 years, old boy, you're a colleague I respect a lot!

-- ezio

Anonymous said...

Joyeuux anniversaire, Joyeux anniversaire, Joyeux anniversaiiiiire, Bastien...

Joyeux anniversaiiiire.

Anonymous said...

PAM? You're one of those mythical PAM hackers? That's one system that should be revamped already.. I would almost like to hear on your views on that, as
- Why on earth shouldn't I set group on pam module
- Why on earth are there overlapping access control methods splattered all over my system? I got iptables, apparmor, and pam doing exactly the same thing. Wtf is this 80s crap :o

Bastien Nocera said...

Thanks Ezio. I'm always amazed you think so highly of me. It's a great compliment coming from you :)

Kebab masqué, we recognised you already. Do they still put chips in the kebabs in Paris?

Anonymous, I'm not a PAM hacker, I actually hate it. Ask Jose instead.

Anonymous said...

5 years in a company is quite a long time! Congratulations dude!