Thursday 5 July 2007

GUADEC: No smoking

Not me, silly! (last year's diet didn't work out, and I kept my bad habit).

This is just a quick note to say that from the 1st of July this year, you won't be allowed to smoke in pubs, train station platforms, or other places of work.

  • Visit the official website to know more about the smoking ban
  • Follow the ban (unlike the law makers)
  • Bring me packs of cheap fags from abroad (it's about 5 quid for a 20-pack of brand cigarettes, or 25g of tobacco)
I know some of you will appreciate the heads-up.

PS: Thanks UncleGogo for the image


Unknown said...

As a non smoker, let me tell you: the smoke ban from pubs, restaurants and other places has been a blessing (I'm from Italy).

When I walked in and could not only breathe, but see the other end of the room, I was surprised.

When I got home, and found that my clothes did not stink... I was startled! :)

Simon Howard said...

The only thing I dislike about the smoking ban is that smokers now stand around outside the pubs smoking: before, you couldn't go into a pub without being exposed to cigarette smoke; now you can't walk past a pub without being exposed to cigarette smoke.

Anonymous said...

Haha, we've recently got the ban in Serbia as well, but it's hardly followed at all.

Anyway, what kind/brand do you prefer? I'd be delighted to help finish you off, and these are pretty cheap in Serbia anyway ;)