Friday 15 June 2007

Browse device

A complement to the gnome-vfs-obexftp work (most of which is already in James' tree).

All that is in my git repo:
git clone git://
Which you can view via the web:;a=summary

I have no idea how git works, so don't be too surprised if it's broken.


Étienne Bersac said...

Very nice !

Does gnome-obex-server dropped it's notification area in favor of bluez-gnome one ? I'm a bit lost in the bluetooth handling in Gnome.

Keep up the good work !

Bastien Nocera said...

gnome-obex-server still exists of its own right now, unfortunately...

It will hopefully be integrated in bluez-utils and bluez-gnome with the SoC project by Tadas. Then we can drop those bits from gnome-bluetooth :)