Monday 23 July 2007

I's got some links

A bunch of post-GUADEC random linking.

Dieguito got me a new hackergotchi photo. He also sent a proper hackergotchi, which I won't post until I can get some vendetta photos of him being carried off the pitch by 4 people after getting real bad cramps. 4 people! Have you seen the size of the guy? Clearly a geek footie game.

Plenty of floods all around the south of the country meant I had to get the train through Euston instead of direct through Reading/Oxford. It was pretty fun seeing all those groups of GUADEC people in different locations: Birmingham New Street platform - "Hey kids", Euston tube station - "Hey kids", Tube to Waterloo.. well, you get the point. That also means I got to see Kate Silverton in wellies.

I kind of fell asleep, that really horrible kind of sleep when you're just feeling as tired and punch-drunk after waking up, and dreamt that I had to organise GUADEC again. I'm sure Paul and Thomas' similar nightmares will be much more vivid than mine.

The online desktop talks also meant I got to put into action (bug filing action for now) my ideas from last summer's "GNOME and Freud" talk. Feel free to comment on the ideas, in bugs 459505 and 458133.

Thanks to Vicky for:
I should mention that it was pretty fun picking on Xavier with vuntz, filing dozens of bugs against Empathy: Xavier! Ca va pas!


daniels said...

Eh, I got that myself at New Street (and was basically finished before I got home) on the way back.

Bastien Nocera said...

I guess you mean "Merde happens". Definitely a good read for any person hopping to go to France at some point :)

daniels said...

Yeah, talking about «Merde Happens». The entire series (A Year in the Merde, Merde Actually, Merde Happens) is a fantastic read, though he's leaning pretty heavily on the same devices to get him through Merde Happens. They're all laugh-out-loud funny, though.

Bastien Nocera said...

Vicky nor Ross have supplied me with "Merde happens". I hate them. I ordered it. But I hate them. Damn you. And you're the one I'm talking about in my blog. I so hate you. I'll order it twice. Damn. I hate you. ("cock").