Monday 23 September 2013

GNOME 3.10 is coming!

The new release is coming! As has been the case for the past couple of releases, I've mostly been shepherding great work by other contributors, and I'll detail my limited contributions beyond mere bug fixing.

Wayland support

I've done some work on enabling clutter-gtk applications to be able to run on  Wayland though the harder work of implementing sub-surfaces is still pending.

Giovanni has done incredible work on mutter to start moving some of the X11 dependent code inside the compositor, which should allow you to run a (cut down) Wayland session using gnome-shell.

This also means that Thomas Wood's redesigned Displays panel has Wayland support. A perfect storm of changes for one of the only panels that received little attention since the GNOME 2.x days.

The new displays panel with a TV that claims to be oh so small

Date & Time redesign

Zeeshan, through his work on Geoclue2, and Kalev, through his Summer of Code project, have completely redesigned the Date & Time panel. Aside from being easier to setup, it means that we can finally implement the automatic timezone switching depending on your location.

The new Date & Time panel

BlueZ 5 support

GNOME is the first major desktop to ship with BlueZ 5 support, thanks to work by Gustavo Padovan and Emilio Pozuelo Monfort.

The older version was not supported anymore, and the new version allows us to support things like "Just Works" pairing, better support of audio devices (though the PulseAudio 5.x release to support this is only coming shortly after GNOME 3.10) and a much better architecture for a more stable operation.

GNOME 3.12 should see a redesigned Bluetooth panel, to match current best practices on other platforms (such as merging the management and pairing wizard UIs into one).

Bluetooth devices in use


Intuos 4 OLEDs

OLED support for Wacom Intuos 4 tablets (as seen above, thanks Przemo), media keys support for MPRIS applications such as Spotify (thanks to Michael Wood and Lars Uebernickel), updated UI for the Universal Access panel (the ever present Matthias Clasen), support for many more fingerprint readers in libfprint (thanks Vasily Khoruzhick).

Redesigned Universal Access panel

And to my contributions

More work on Videos. Totem 3.10 is still based on the same interface as in GNOME 3.8, but some work has been on the master branch towards the new UI, with some of the features getting backported. We have:
  • new session management for when Totem crashes
  • support for chapters within files (such as Matroska videos)
  • Wayland bug fixes in GTK+, clutter and the combined clutter-gtk
  • a completed GDBus port
  • Working overlaid controls (though their behaviour isn't quite up to scratch)
  • Remote files support in Grilo, including support for Recent files
  • Started work on merging the various sidebars within the main view (which included landing GtkSearchBar in GTK+)
  • libquvi 0.9 support
On top of which you'll find the usual mix of bug fixes, small featuresitch scratching, and swamp-draining in finger-pointing fests.

I also spent quite a bit of time on a side project that didn't come to fruition at this time, but I hope to be able to post some details soon.


Owais Lone said...

Any update on High-DPI support? Is there a bug to track it?

Bastien Nocera said...

High-DPI support is coming, it's just not one of the things I've been involved with.

Watch out for more blog posts and release notes before the end of the week.

DonKiShoot said...

When will it be possible to do a right click on totem screen and choose "stay on top" without using an unaccessible plugin in a lot of submenu ?

Thx ;-)

Bastien Nocera said...

No particular plans about the "Stay on top" functionality. Feel free to file a bug to discuss this.

Anonymous said...

But what says you about the proposed middle click changes? Will GNOME at least go the MacOS X route where middle clicking to paste works automatically in terminals?

(Next thing you know MacOS X will support using Ctrl-Alt-T to get a terminal and then we'll find OSX is comfortable for *nix console users...)

Bastien Nocera said...

Andy: They're not in 3.10?! I don't know why you would think to bring that up...