Monday 2 August 2010

GUADEC slides

Got back from GUADEC on Saturday, and spent most of the week-end recovering. Probably a good thing, as I have loads of things on my TODO list, for either the Board, GNOME or Fedora.

Geoclue talk

As per usual when I make slides, I end up going through them quickly, but the Q&A session was long enough for me to go into more details.

Bluetooth talk

No slides, for a change. I hope the videos will be available online soon.


Unknown said...

I was the camera man at your talk!

It was a really nice talk (about geoclue), and I might do some stuff with it! :)

Bastien Nocera said...

Awesome, thanks Bert.

I forgot to mention that Apple doesn't use Skyhook Wireless for its location services on devices without a builtin GPS, they use their own stuff now.