Wednesday 11 August 2010

Old skool GNOME

Some of us were discussing olden UIs during this year's GUADEC, including the original Totem UI. Searching through my old files, I found some interesting screenshots.

That includes an early version of Soundbox, the predecessor to Rhythmbox (it was later renamed to Rhythmbox as the name Soundbox was already used by some piece of software).

CDDB-enabled, incredible

Also of interest, abc, the audio-CD burner equivalent of sound-juicer, a bonobo-ised version of Rhythmbox, early versions of Vanity (my Cheese-before-Cheese webcam tool), and instructions on how to flash my netBook (click the link, you'll be surprised).

And a screenshot of Totem circa June 2002 (the first public release was in July 2002).

Totem with the original interface designed by task-pooper man


Dread Knight said...

IiO, lol, had some awesome songs.

Soundbox's controls looked nicer, I think the current volume applet of rhythmbox any many other multimedia apps from gnome nowadays SUCK HARD.
Having to press an icon to get a slider is lame. It's not like the UI doesn't have loads of space in it to just make the volume bar displayed at all times... and it's even horizontal, not taking loads of vertical space. Stuff like this annoys the shit out of me, that's why I don't give a crap about Rhythmbox, fugly UI.

arpia49 said...

@Dread Knight

Have you tried to scroll over the volume icon?

Dread Knight said...

@arpia49 ofc. But that's not cool, considering (multi) touch technology.
And imagine non-geeks, such as my parents... they won't do that kind of stuff, because it's not intuitive.
The point is that widget sucks.

Johannes said...

lol, I think that's the definite proof that GNOME 2.0 is much different from GNOME 2.30. Can't believe everything looked so 90s back then while I was already involved in GNOME.

Unknown said...

Well, it would be pretty funny to take one of those ancient themes (like gorilla or flat) and try to use them on a modern gnome and see how they look like :)

iain said...

Ahh, your old Bobbi background...those were the days.