Wednesday 4 November 2009

No more stuttering

Today, as some of you guessed from my teaser yesterday, I finished implementing on-disk buffering in Totem, using playbin2's new features.

Using Totem in master with this gstreamer patch, Totem will start playing back videos as soon as enough buffering has been done on disk.

Note that this will only work for QuickTime and FLV streams, but that means that the YouTube Totem plugin and streaming trailers from Apple's website just got better, and should allow us to implement stream saving very soon.


Ernst Sjöstrand said...


suoko said...

do u have a ppa repo ?

Unknown said...

This is awesome - this was one of the biggest reasons I disliked using the Totem plugin for playing videos in my web browser - they'd never play more than a few seconds at a time, whereas with Youtube or with Quicktime on other systems, I could just wait 20 seconds for the thing to load.