Wednesday 11 November 2009

A little OSD

Totem in master now has purdy OSD when you press a key, or a key on your remote control, and you're in fullscreen. Note that this requires compositing.

Screenshot streaming the Avatar HD trailer


prokoudine said...

Compositing for such a simple thing? Bloody hellfire! :-)

Bastien Nocera said...

Using compositing means that the OSD's resolution doesn't depend on the resolution of the video, meaning crisp OSD whatever the movie watched.

And there's at least 3 window managers with compositing that don't require 3D.

By the way, the OSD is transparent, and fades away after a couple of seconds.

Anonymous said...

Any plans on making nicer menus like Quicktime?

Would love the controls inside the video (maybe optional) and not only in fullscreen, I think it's also awesome in window-mode so you don't ^H constantly to hide controls.

There is a player written with Clutter doing that, but I think inside Totem it would be way more useful :)

Bastien Nocera said...

A better popup for the fullscreen mode is definitely on the cards.

It might also be interesting to use the fullscreen changes when in windowed mode and the controls are hidden, but it's not anywhere near the top of my TODO list.

bochecha said...

« so you don't ^H constantly to hide controls. »

If there's one thing I would love to have in Totem, it would that it remembers that I had hidden the controls when I closed it, so it doesn't show them again when I open it the next time.

purpleidea said...

...and now i suddenly feel like the only one who loves the totem (and epiphany) full screen modes. elegant and simple. doesn't need to be super flashy :)

thanks for the osd

Anonymous said...

any plans for drawing the subtitles this way?

Anonymous said...

OSD good, tearing bad

fabian said...

...and with purdy tearing artefacts ;)

Bastien Nocera said...

FWIW, the tearing only happened because I took a screenshot of it (or at least, it wasn't visible during normal playback).

No plans on drawing the subtitles the same way I'm afraid. You might want to talk to the GStreamer people about this though.

Anonymous said...

From a simple screenshot I can conclude you have an intel video card.

This kind of tearing is a specialty for intel video card. I have never seen such artifacts on other video cards, not on a Amd Duron 850Mhz back in year 2000!

Its amazing, isn't?

Im watching movies on my 4 year old laptop, because its much better (for video), then my current 4GB ram, intel 4500MHD, dual-core laptop.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the intel driver. It would appear the same with a software-rasterized X Server. The gdk image getter used by the gnome screen shot program is intentionally broken as far as getting coherent images in exchange for interactivity while screenshotting.

The interactivity would be better fixed by making the screenshotter make a copy of the screen and then do the chunked getimage from that snapshot on its own time.