Saturday 25 July 2009

GUADEC digits

Have you been to 8, 9, 10 GUADECs?

Let us know! We're still looking for a GNOMie with a perfect attendance.


iain said...

I thought jrb and federico had perfect attendence

zeenix said...

Christian Schaller does for sure.

jrb said...

AFAIK, Federico and I are the only ones who have been to them all. There are a number of people with 9 though (like Owen)

Lefty said...

I'm only at four.

I'm gonna have to go to twice as many GUADECs if I'm ever gonna catch up to you guys!

(That will, quite possibly, kill me.)

Leonardo Fontenelle said...

I went to no GUADEC yet. Can anyone be more regular than that? :)

Anonymous said...

It would help me figure it out if they were all listed with locations.

2000 - Paris, France
2001 - Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 - Seville, Spain
2003 - Dublin, Ireland
2004 - Kristiansand, Norway
2005 - Stuttgart, Germany
2006 - Vilanova, Spain
2007 - Birmingham, UK
2008 - Istanbul, Turkey
2009 - Gran Canaria, Spain

I've been to six. (Copenhagen, Dublin, Kristiansand, Birmingham, Istanbul and Gran Canaria)

David said...

There is a slight “bug” in the Hebrew spelling of your name: it’s using a ‘sin dot’ instead of ‘holam’. The corrected version: בַּסְטִייֵן נִיסוֹרַה. :)

scottishwildcat said...

A mere eight for me... missed Paris because it was just before I started working on GNOME, and Stuttgart because Sun were skint that year :)