Thursday 2 July 2009

GCDS: Discrimination by accent

My level of Spanish being what it is, and my accent being what it is, my cab ride to Las Palmas cost me some €60 from the airport, and that's after the cabbie switched off the meter...

Apparently, the «Catalina Park» apartments booked by the nice people at the GNOME Foundation, have a namesake near Playa de Inglés.

From top to bottom: where I wanted to go, where I was, where I ended up (locations provided «by ear», do not try to replicate at home). Yippee!


In other news the FreeFA tournament is going to happen next Thursday, from 15:00 to 17:00. I'll put the details onto the Wiki when I can remember my password.


Nelson benitez said...

oh man, what a pitty, you should have said your appartment was in "Las Palmas", or in "la Capital", or in "Las Canteras"..

The south of the island, mainly Playa del Ingles, is the main tourist area, it's full of appartments, hotels, etc.. so it's easy there are duplicate names.

Anonymous said...

C'est la vie.