Thursday 4 June 2009


Just got back from France, where my best friend was getting married to his best friend. I didn't see civilisation for 5 days, and enjoyed food, wine, and the swimming-pool instead.

Just before I left Jackaboutboul interviewed me about the fingerprint reader support in Fedora 11. I hope I gave enough credit to Daniel Drake and Ray Strode for their work, without which mine wouldn't look half as good.

PS: I was tired when I wrote the answers, and my grammar and vocabulary is sub-par. I'm ashamed :)


Unknown said...

I'm confused... is best friend a 1:1 relationship, or a DAG?

That is, if they're your best friend... are you theirs? Were you the bride?! Congratulations!

Bastien Nocera said...

I asked myself that after having posted it :)

I didn't get married, and my friend got married to a girl. Not that it really matters, but I'm too good for him :P

Oprah said...

Good luck to them... in my experience, best friends rarely make good spouses!

Astron said...

Your experience must be vast... How many best friends did you marry?

Anonymous said...
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