Wednesday 21 January 2009

NB: It doesn't actually look like that

If you read the Phoronix article about the new gnome-volume-control (also seen linked from OSNews), don't worry, the upstream (and Fedora) applet doesn't look like that.

It looks like that.

Ubuntu's mixer applet is a different UI on the old mixer applet in gnome-applets, and not the PulseAudio-powered volume applet now in gnome-media.

In addition to the article being outdated (the treeview with the one-by-one sound event customisation is already gone), it also invents new features such as «the ability to adjust the alert volume on a per-alert basis». God knows where they got that from.

/The guy who did the last gnome-media release


Luis Medinas said...

Bastien, the new volume applet doesn't miss the Plus and Minus buttons ?

I don't have pulseaudio working on my jhbuild that's why i didn't tried yet.

Anonymous said...

So it's an applet and not a systray icon? Yay!

Unknown said...

Phew.. I was starting to get worried there for a moment.

And as said before: Applet or notification tray icon?

Unknown said...

My main beef is that the mixer is gone. I now have to use the ncurses alsamixer. Why is the mixer gone?

Or is that an Ubuntu thing too?

Unknown said...

No, Ubuntu didn't do anything special. This is the whole of code changes in the diff:

+--- gnome-media-2.25.1/grecord/src/gsr-window.c 2008-12-16 21:28:57.000000000 +0100
++++ 2009-01-05 16:02:14.000000000 +0100
+@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@
+ #include gst/gst.h
+ #include gst/interfaces/mixer.h
++#include launchpad-integration.h
+ #include profiles/gnome-media-profiles.h
+ #include "gsr-window.h"
+@@ -2273,6 +2275,10 @@
+ }
+ g_free (path);
++ launchpad_integration_add_ui (priv->ui_manager,
++ "/MenuBar/HelpMenu/LaunchpadItems");
+ /* show tooltips in the statusbar */
+ g_signal_connect (priv->ui_manager, "connect_proxy",
+ G_CALLBACK (connect_proxy_cb), window);

Other than that, its stock 2.25.5

Anonymous said...

The best feature about the new mixer is that it is invisible for bottom panel users:

Anonymous said...

Yes, please tell us that it is an applet and not a systray icon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I have two more questions.

The screenshots in the Phoronix article showed that in the "Applications" tab, there was a single volume slider per application. There is no way to balance the volume between left and right channel. In pavucontrol under F10, there are two volume sliders (left and right channel) per application. I really hope that the new volume control will still feature the two channels.

Another thing: IIRC, Lennhart Poettering mentioned that with pulseaudio, one day it would be possible to automatically balance the audio streams on a per-application basis, such that sound coming from application windows placed on the left of the screen would be directed to the left audio channel, and sound coming from application windows placed on the right of the screen would be directed to the right audio channel. Will this feature be offered by the new volume control?

In any case, I guess everyone would enjoy seeing more screenshots of the new volume control!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, in my previous post I did not include the first question! Here you go:

I really hope that the new volume control will still feature the two channels. Is this the case?

Marc-André Lureau said...

@Russ: the applet was not in gnome-media, but in gnome-applets (or whatever the name for it).

Unknown said...

Perfect! What a relief! I just hope that Ubuntu will leave behind the old mixer applet soon. It's just unluckily that the old applet went trough that misfortunate "redesign" and then got abandoned :-(

Anyway, the applet from gnome-music has one trivial issue, the slide is misplaced a little, would be much nicer if the slide was horizontally centered to the icon in notification area. I tried to put together the patch but, well, I am not a GObject programmer ;-)