Monday 19 January 2009

Thanks anonymous person

I'd like to thank the anonymous benefactor who wished me happy new year by offering me a copy of WALL·E on Blu-Ray. You just bought me my first Blu-Ray movie.

I'm usually a bargain hunter for films, and will usually spend a fiver at most on a film, so even the Blu-Ray "sales" of two films for £30 I find outrageously expensive.

Thanks again, and I'll mention that your message was a bit mangled and some characters appeared as XML entities, so feel free to send it again by mail :)


Anonymous said...

I can still barely tell the difference between BluRay on a hi-def TV, and a good quality DVD on a good quality CRT. Really can't see what all the fuss is about, and the difference certainly isn't worth several hundred quid worth of new equipment.

Anonymous said...
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Blu ray DVD said...

I can clearly see the differance. I think when the cost of all the equipment comes down in 2012 we will se Blu ray becoming populer.