Sunday 29 April 2007

Guess what I did this week-end? (with stripes)

I watched another nerve-wrecking performance from United. I didn't yell that much though, as I was watching the game with Everton fan Gareth. I'm not one to rub it in.

We also went to said Gareth's girlfriend's birthday party, and had very little luck getting the Kärcher going. The hose keeps popping out under the pressure from the tap (ar, ar).

I've also spent some time trying to get both my laptop and my desktop to suspend. The laptop was fairly straight forward. No hacks, no quirks, just echo mem > /sys/power/state, and you're done. But I'm still hitting a weird bug when using gnome-power-manager to do it.
The desktop (a Dell Optiplex GX620) is a bit more problematic, as pm-suspend doesn't seem to use vbetool at all (despite having an Intel video card in
there, but being an older FC6 install...), and the video is completely screwed up (yellow lines, and a lot of flashing blue and red) when resuming under X.

Watched Filles perdues cheveux gras (stopped after 20 minutes, French variété is only below some of their TV shows in things I hate about France), 300 (stopped after about 30 minutes, and finished some weeks later, why would Spartans behave like they were Gulf War I vets), and a Journey Through Porn (stopped 10 minutes near the end to watch Match Of The Day, not great, but still the best docu about pr0n I've seen).

PS: What on earth is going on with them stripes? The window of the local JJB Sports shop. Could it be the metrosexual influence of David Beckham?


Anonymous said...

why so many hate to France ?

you should go to Poitiers, Corsica, Nice, Cannes, St Michel and so on

ho, and you should watch Amelie
"the city of lost children" (If it's the name of the movie in america), it's a weird french fantasy (yes, weird).

and forgot the _HATE_,

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous (why the anonymous, sign with your name at least), I didn't say I hated France, those are things I hated *about* France. And I've seen both those films, and lived the first 20 years of my life in France :)

Anonymous said...

My name ?
the anonymous because I do not use blogguer.
and I did not see the point to tell my name (or not to tell) to say a very obvious thing.

you should use caution on internet with strong word as "hate".

and please.. is "cheveux gras.." the only movie in "variety" to judge ? (no no no, it's not a debate, just rhetoric, it was harsh.)

(by the way, I don't care about that little movie, but Marina Foïs is great :) )


Bastien Nocera said...

Michel, you won't make me listen to Pascal Obispo, or watch some talent show on M6. Even my mom has the sense to completely avoid the former for herself, and avoid the latter in my presence.

On connait la chanson is a much better musical film with "variété" music.

Oh, and the signature thing is only to make it easier when there are multiple anonymous posts.