Tuesday 21 October 2014

A GNOME Kernel wishlist

GNOME has long had relationships with Linux kernel development, in that we would have some developers do our bidding, helping us solve hard problems. Features like inotify, memfd and kdbus were all originally driven by the desktop.

I've posted a wishlist of kernel features we'd like to see implemented on the GNOME Wiki, and referenced it on the kernel mailing-list.

I hope it sparks healthy discussions about alternative (and possibly existing) features, allowing us to make instant progress.


Jim said...

Hi Bastien. This sounds like a great approach. Thanks for reaching out to the kernel community to make desktop development easier.

At LinuxCon North America this year, Linus said that he, "Still wants the desktop." Hopefully we'll see some contributions towards your goals in this regard.

fast_rizwaan said...

Please also consider hdd to fat32 driver copying slowness and delay

what windows takes 2m38s, linux take 4m40s. Linux desktops are like twice slower than windows when copying files to usb disks/pendrives/memory cards.



I reported bug:

Bastien Nocera said...

Jim: Thanks!

fast_rizwaan: That's "just" a bug that needs to be fixed. It's not a feature request like the others on this list.