Tuesday 16 September 2014

Videos 3.14 features

We've added a few, but nonetheless interesting features to Videos in GNOME 3.14.

Auto-rotation of videos

If you capture videos in portrait orientation on your phone, we are now able to rotate them automatically in the movie player, as well as in the thumbnails.

Better streaming

You can now seek anywhere inside streamed videos, even if we didn't download all the way to that point. That's particularly useful for long videos, or slow servers (or a combination of both).

Thumbnails generation

Finally, videos without thumbnails in your videos directory will have thumbnails automatically generated, without having to browse them in Files. This makes the first experience of videos more pleasing to the eye.

What's next?

We'll work on integrating Victor Toso's work on grilo plugins, to show information about the film or TV series on your computer, such as grouping episodes of a series together, showing genres, covers and synopsis for films.

With a bit of luck, we should also be able to provide you with more video content as well, through partners.


Unknown said...

And any news about adding an option to filter videos path?

Totem is unusable for me:
- Show me hollydays videos from my pictures folder
- Is slow as hell because i've got many videos...

Søren Hauberg said...

Great work!
How is support coming for HiDPI screens? At least in Fedora 20, only a quarter of the available screen space is used for showing videos when on a HiDPI screen.

Bastien Nocera said...

Wechepa: Given that nobody asked for that yet, it wasn't even on the cards. You might want to file a bug about it...

Søren: It already works. There was a bug in the vaapi libraries, which got fixed.

Søren Hauberg said...

Wonderful -- thanks a bunch!