Wednesday 23 July 2014

Watch out for DRI3 regressions

DRI3 has plenty of necessary fixes for and Wayland, but it's still young in its integration. It's been integrated in the upcoming Fedora 21, and recently in Arch as well.

If WebKitGTK+ applications hang or become unusably slow when an HTML5 video is supposed to be, you might be hitting this bug.

If Totem crashes on startup, it's likely this problem, reported against cogl for now.

Feel free to add a comment if you see other bugs related to DRI3, or have more information about those.

Update: Wayland is already perfect, and doesn't use DRI3. The "DRI2" structures in Mesa are just that, structures. With Wayland, the DRI2 protocol isn't actually used.

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Unknown said...

While wayland itself does not use dri3 xwayland does not only for 3D applications but to provide 2D acceleration through glamor.

As for other dri3 bugs there is which you can add to your list (corruption on screen; I applied a fix to fedora but its not upstream yet).