Wednesday 26 March 2014

My GNOME 3.12 in numbers

1 new GNOME Videos, 1 updated Bluetooth panel, 2 new thumbnailers, 9 grilo sources, and 1 major UPower rework.

I'm obviously very attached to the GNOME Videos UI changes, the first major UI rework in its 12-year existence.

GNOME Videos watching itself


Mattias Bengtsson said...

Great work Bastien!

Unknown said...

hello the "make available offline" feature of Videos dosen't seem to work i can't find any of the videos i make available offline. Is it a bug?
Really like the app though.

Bastien Nocera said...

Omar: Videos streamed from HTTP (with a finite length) will have the menu item available once they're completely downloaded (the progress bar's been filled up), or any other file that's not in ~/Videos.

If in doubt, double-check the src/plugins/save-file sources. It's possible there's a bug there, so don't hesitate to file a bug if you think it should be available for a file in a particular location but isn't.

Unknown said...

gonna have to file a bug, still nothing.
still unable to retrieve videos i make available offline.
PLus the recent tab dosent show content from the web , kindea would be nice to see recent items there.

Bastien Nocera said...

Omar: If it doesn't work, file a bug. Especially now that 3.14 has been released :)