Wednesday 1 December 2010

House arrest, or just document sharing

Yesterday and today, I wrote a chunky patch for gvfs to allow it to use the "house arrest" protocol for iOS devices. This is the protocol is rather more well-known as "iTunes documents sharing".

You can see a tedious example of how you can use it in this Apple KB.

For GNOME, we did it slightly differently, and you don't need to use your music manager as a file manager for your non-music device. Plug the device in, and all the apps that support file sharing will be showing up in a "Applications on Foo" device, on your desktop.

Managing files with a file manager, what a brilliant idea.


Joe said...

Why is this called the "house arrest protocol"?

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Any chance this will be back-ported to F14?

Bastien Nocera said...

Joe: because the applications aren't allowed to leave their "homes", so they're under house arrest (by the way, I'm just guessing this)

Anonymous: unlikely, as it requires a git version of libimobiledevice right now, and even when released, will need an unstable libimobiledevice.