Tuesday 14 December 2010

And for something different now

Because it looks better in fullscreen, with acceleration, and you can save it if you want to keep it. Totem now with a "Save Copy..." menu item, and a playlist parser that knows about video websites.

The ever present Xan is demo man.

You'll need quvi (for its library) and the master of totem-pl-parser (that should even work with older versions of Totem) for the video website support. The "Save" menu item lives in Totem master, scheduled for GNOME 3.


Anonymous said...

Great ! One more step in the direction of a read+write culture, you have all my e-support :)

Anonymous said...

very nice :) but when totem finally learn how to properly parse subtitles ??? like thousands players for windows!! which don't require changing extensions from txt to sub

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous #2: Parsing subtitles is GStreamer's job, but you should file bugs against Totem with sample files. It can already load subtitles as .txt files, but doesn't load them automatically (too many false-positives).