Tuesday 1 June 2010

iDevice changes

If like me you jumped the queue of soccer moms, divorced middle-age business men and fanbois on Friday morning, you might have had a new toy to play with this week-end.

The good news

If you use Fedora 13, we fixed up some bugs and you can now mount your iPaid (private joke) on the desktop, and have it show up with a spiffy icon. All the updates are in updates-testing.

upower got the ability to tell you your battery status when plugging in an iDevice, though you'll need gnome-power-manager from master to see it, and even then, it won't show up on a desktop system without a UPS. Still some UI problems to iron out there.

gvfs will now warn you about the device being locked. Again, this change is only on master as it adds new strings.

nautilus-ideviceinfo is nearly ripe for consumption after my wad of bug fixes. I expect the code to move into the GNOME repos soon after the first release.

The bad news

Still no video, music or e-books syncing on the tablet iDevice.

No support yet for the per-app documents syncing. If you have a jailbroken device, you can use iFile to move your documents to the Documents sub-directory of /var/mobile/Applications/application-UUID (make sure to turn on "Application names" in the preferences).


Luca Ferretti said...

If you are planning to move nautilus-ideviceinfo to git.gnome.org, why not *before* its first release?

I mean, localization guys will be happy to provide translations ;)

Anonymous said...

screenshots! ;)

Bastien Nocera said...

I know, but not my project.

The first goal is to get it out, and figure out how we want it integrated into the desktop.

Translations will probably come a bit later.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why I'm not able to manage my iPhone springboard on Fedora 13 ?

Thanks !

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous: you'll get more screenshots soon, I promise :)

MoZ: sbmanager is what you're looking for, though it will need some bug fixes, and integration work. You can try it out by compiling it from git.

If somebody else is trying this out, note that it looks pretty broken to manage an iPad.