Friday 9 May 2008

Crack, and uncrocked

I was amazed by FunPidgin. Whilst some of the features aren't actually crack, making things like these options is:
An option to use stock GTK+ close buttons on tabs.
An option?!

Anyway, Totem's playlist parser is now ported to GIO. I'll make a release soon, but I'd like to ask people to please test the hell out of it. If opening or saving a particular playlist produces warnings, errors, or crashes, please file a bug.

You can test easily by recompiling and using as normal: Rhythmbox (Podcast and playlist parsing, playlist saving), and Totem and its web browser plugin.


Dylan McCall said...
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Dylan McCall said...

Eek! Double post...

And so it shall be seen where design by comittee struggles without a ruling figure to say what should and should not "just be an option".

Pidgin's options menu is complicated /aready/... I hate to imagine what FunPidgin's will look like a year from now :O

Oh well, someone must like the idea, so to each their own.

Back on topic: Three cheers for GIO! It's nice to think that everything will be GIO-ified for 2.24.

Ethan Anderson said...

They need brainstorm.

Andreas Nilsson said...

Pidgins close buttons are totally nice. We should nick the code and reuse it for epiphany, gedit etc. as well.
- Andreas Nilsson

Anonymous said...

While you are working on the Totem playlist. I have a request/question.

Often I have many media files (>100) which I open with Totem.
Just select them all, press enter.

yet Totem seems to parse some information from the files making it take a really long time to actually start playing the first one.

Other media players don't seem to do this. They start playing the first file and update the queue once it's playing.

Threading needed?

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous, it really depends on the type of files passed. We try hard to avoid unnecessary I/O, but we need to do it for some file types. File a bug, and explain how to reproduce, mentioning the file types you're using.

Anonymous said...

Apropos funpidgin: it's going down as crack already a lot of it, sadly, and I'm really for having great defaults instead. However, anything is better than how pidgin proper is managed, where the defaults rarely make sense and a lot of wished for stuff is ignored because the devs don't care. It's not as if they have an obligation to fulfill others wishes, but the project pidgin gets less and less useful every day as it doesn't evolve to meet current needs. I have my hopes in Emapth/Telepathy myself, though.

Anonymous said...

I think the pidgin close tab button are shit, it will be much nicer if they keep it with the GTK default! This way it will make sense and will continue to blend nicely with the rest of the gnome desktop and for the KDE desktop it should not matter.
It will be insane if they make this for epiphany tabs!

Anonymous said...

While admittedly there's more crack in funpidgin than in Harlem in the eighties, I don't see how else one could fix a project dysfunctional enough to use IRC as its main communication medium and a bug tracker than doesn't let you subscribe to bugs without adding a comment.

- Chris

Kevin Kofler said...

This is a really configurable IM client:

pirast said...

Thumper, you /can/ just subscribe: just put your mail adress / nick name to the cc field i think.

if gtk's close buttons are crap, and pidgin's ones are good then it should be considered to merge the changes to GTK after some discussion..