Friday 7 December 2007

Remix your brain

Yesterday, I was trying to help out someone who was having problems using his Bluetooth mouse with Fedora 8. Turns out he's got a Toshiba laptop, and the Bluetooth adapter wasn't showing in Linux. You need some sucky code to get it working.

Hobbling to the ToshBT website, I noticed a PS3 theme extractor. Grand!

In between cleaning up my backlog of bugs and TODOs, I implemented setting your ~/.face as the icon for Rhythmbox' UPNP shares.

PS: Best pangram ever: Sex-charged fop blew my junk TV quiz


Unknown said...

You didn't like, "Glib jocks quiz nymph to vex dwarf."

It's got Glib and a Gnome!!

Bastien Nocera said...

Bronson, I'm sure somebody, somewhere, is taking offense right now. Dwarfes aren't gnomes :@