Monday 3 December 2007

New Totem

Mathias blogged about one new feature in Totem, the playlist sharing. This allows peer-to-peer sharing of the current playlist using libepc.

I've done 2 releases of Totem today, 2.21.3, the old-school Totem, and 2.21.4, the new Totem depending on the split totem-pl-parser.

This means I can finally commit my big patch for Rhythmbox.

Next up, the big gnokii automake patch.


pclouds said...

A big "thank you" for splitting totem-pl-parser!

fsteinel said...

Why does totem-pl-parsers check for hal?

Bastien Nocera said...

fsteinel, because it uses it?
It's used by the disc parser code.

fsteinel said...

hadess, running
./configure --with-hal
checking for HAL... no
configure: error: HAL support explicitly requested but HAL couldn't be found

fsteinel said...

$DBUS_REQS is missing (

Unknown said...

hi bastien,

this is a bit of topic, but can you please take a short look at this idea (even if it is hosted by LP ;)

what do you think about such a feature request for rhythmbox?