Tuesday 23 October 2007

Body popping

Apart from making plenty of security errata in the past week (thanks FLAC...), I've finally started on porting Rhythmbox to the new features of the Totem playlist parser, including using it for Podcast parsing.

What it means is:
  • Atom support
  • ITPC and iTunes Music Store podcasts support (thanks to PenguinTV)
I'll also try to make sure that those are better integrated into Rhythmbox, eg. when one launches Rhythmbox with a RSS or Atom feed. More on that when the full feature's available.

I got Flash working on Fedora 8 (on my x86-64 desktop), thanks to the integration work that's gone on with nspluginwrapper. And I can now listen to my songs and scrobble even when I'm hacking on Rhythmbox. Throat hurts from so much singing.

On a different note, my ankle problems have subsided (still a minor twinge), and I scored hat tricks on my last few outings, and a goal Thierry Henry would have been proud of (left side of the box, bent shot in the bottom right corner). Yay!


Anonymous said...


Do you have any plans in regards to separating the playlist parser out of totem to a separately shipped library?
We have some users who don't like totem pulled in for either gnome-python-desktop (wraps the playlist parser only I think) or rhythmbox. Having this shared piece of playlist code as a separately packaged library would be sweet if possible.

Mart Raudsepp,
Gentoo Linux

Bastien Nocera said...

Mart, see this bug.

And surely, using a proper distro, they wouldn't need to pull Totem :)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear all the hard work is already done!
I'll look into filing a bug to finish the work then. For this to work we, and other distributions, that excercise the open source power fully, need a way to configure and especially make install them separately.

Anonymous said...

Re: your comment on Flash giving you access to Last.fm

There are other alternative clients, the official one and last-exit too.

Unknown said...

Is possible that your work could fix http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=372246 also :) ?


Anonymous said...

The latest release of Rhythmbox blew me away - after upgrading I got into the office the next morning and plugged my iPod in as I always do.

Ah hour later I hit up my Last.fm profile page for some debugging and was stunned to see my iPod had been scrobbled - It took me a few minutes to realise what had happened.

I excitedly told everyone in the office IRC channel, at which point a shout came across the office from the client dev team:
"Damnit! You're not allowed to use that, I only just finished implenting ipod scrobbling on linux"

Congrats for beating our own team to it!


P.S. If you ever need a webservice or something for Rhythmbox, ping me and I'll see what I can do!

Bastien Nocera said...

Anonymous, I know Flash didn't give me access to last.fm (Rhythmbox supports playback too), but I can finally see what the interface is supposed to look like, and test Rhythmbox with it.

Nelson, your bug seems pretty dated, I answered and commented on the bug though.

Jonty, concert tickets or pints in London would do me fine :) Tell the guys from the client dev team to pop by the Rhythmbox IRC channel some time.