Monday 4 June 2007

MacOS X can suck loads too

That's what I got when testing QuickTime's helpers when a codec isn't supported (which happens fairly often). It doesn't ooze ease-of-use.


Anonymous said...


everything is not perfect in Heaven.

Firefox do a better job to help people when it lacks a plugin or things.

still, I will not abandon Quicktime for Gstreamer (yet) or Pages for Abiword (yet).

the real point is : you HAVE to consider the advancements, the qualities and good ideas of Os X _only_. Of course os x is not perfect, it's why I have hope in linux/gnome

Anonymous said...

Does help? I am not a mac head, btw. I use VLC if I am on a mac.
(BTW part 2: Typing seems to be bbroken at this mac with firefox, strange UTF8 problem maybe.)

Bastien Nocera said...

I was testing QuickTime's codec download capabilities, so would help remove my testing :)

I actually use VLC with Remote Buddy on this Mac, which sits nicely under the telly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, shame on me! Next time, I will read your whole post, before I comment ;)