Friday 1 June 2007


Way late on that one, so plenty of films.

  • Zodiac: very good, if a bit long, closure definitely not up to par with All the President's Men, or similar journalistic investigation films.
  • Ma petite entreprise: funny, little French film.
  • Tenacious D: just as I would have expected it, plenty on fart and rock jokes, for the fans.
  • The Kind Of Comedy: I was disappointed, hostage situations should have more to them, and we don't feel like De Niro and Bernhard are quite as psycho as they're supposed to be.
  • Laputa - Castle in the Sky: funny title, way below Howl's Moving Castle in the fairy-tale business.
  • Goal II: shite, but there's not many footie films about. Goals were ludicrous (anyone remember Olive et Tom?), and plot is more straight forward than an episode of Neighbours.
  • Sicko: he should do television, it's a thoroughly enjoyable documentary, as usual, but very caricatural in its handling of foreign matters (like the visit of the NHS hospitals, or the discussions with bourgeois American expats in Paris, not mentioning the falling standards and rising debt of those medical systems).
  • The Last Boy Scout: one of my all-time favourites, one-liners and broken noses.
  • Shrek 3: I think I laughed once, not sure if it wasn't an acid reflux from the dinner.
  • This Is England: an interesting view into what the Falklands, Thatcher, and skinheads brought to England in the '80s.
  • Une Liaison Pornographique: intimist French film, definitely a good late evening film, if you want to question the nature of relationships.
  • Ghost Rider: Marvel is scraping the barrel, let's hope there's no sequel.
  • Knocked Up: feel-good comedy, they get together at the end (as if you'd expect it any other way).

And quite a few TV series as well:

  • ATHF: I want to see the film now!
  • House MD: went through Season 2 and 3, although the latter muddles a bit in the weird/not so interesting medicine (and probably inaccurate at times), but the dry-wit and soap hold it together.
  • The Smoking Room and The Book Group: two great sitcoms, without the canned laughter. As per usual, short series, and only 2 seasons each.
  • Monkey Dust: onto season 3, the Paedo-Finder-General gets on my tits though. Dobsky is still wicked.
And, finally, if you want to see some good films, that nth Channel 4 best stuff or other countdown show is nicely accurate: 50 films to see before you die. Time to fill your Netflix account.


Chris C said...

He did do television: TV Nation. Pretty much what you'd expect.

- Chris

Anonymous said...

I used to think I liked Tenacious D before watching that film. Over ninety minutes of Jack Black sing talking. It was painfully unfunny but I'm glad it wasn't as unpleasant an experience for you as it was for me.

Conversely although Ghost Rider was undoubtedly a bad film I thought it was bad in ways that were funny and it played to the fact that Nicolas Cage has a tendency to stare into space and look a bit lost.

Glad we can both agree House MD is a great series.

Chris said...

Unlike the excellent series, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie is terrible :( I'd rather watch Hand Banana 6 times in a row or something...

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely with you on House. I can't get enough of it; Hugh Laurie is very good. :-D