Tuesday 8 May 2007

Well stripey week-end (aka stripey #5)

Lapo Calamandrei went a bit mad, and produced a clever piece of artistic genius.

I'm sure he'll post the full icon theme somewhere soon for all of us to enjoy (he sent me a copy, but it didn't install properly).

Another little computer gets on the market (where you at Jeff? missed the Zonbu?), runs some form of Linux with KDE, but uses Totem for their movie player. Can I get a free one, guys?

On Friday, I managed to solve that really annoying problem that made the browser plugin with the xine-lib backend just not work at all.

Good and bad things this week-end:
  • Cello, creepy, although not the best of the kind
  • Man United finally won it! After the debacle of last Wednesday against Milan, we'll get a row of honour against Chelsea on Wednesday evening.
  • Pan's Labyrinth, a special fairy tale. Beautiful. Narnia is for weenies.
  • Ma Mère, a couple of tits, but horrible French art-house malarkey
  • Arsène Lupin, pretty shite
  • Michel Vaillant, pretty fun if you remember the comic from when you were a kid
  • Les Poupées Russes, where you see that Romain Duris can be a good actor
  • Shite results in the French elections (not that the alternative was much better, but it still was). Berlusconi, I'm sure Nicolas can show you how to be a better crook, his predecessor has quite some experience too.


Jeff Waugh said...

Those icons are hilarious... and strangely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Pan's Labyrinth is in many ways strikingly original but unfortunately it is entirely unsuitable for children - unusual in a fantasy film. Much prefer the overlooked British film Mirror Mask, another bit of genius with thanks to Jim Henson's Creature Shop. And there is always the classic Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.

Those stripy icons are insanely genius.

Bastien Nocera said...

Alan, I thought that Pan's Labyrinth was actually very close to Dark Crystal, a great memory of my childhood. I've added Mirrormask (one word :) to my rental list, thanks for the pointer!

Anonymous said...

ok, fixed, now you *should* be able to install it (if you really, really, really want...)


Unknown said...

I seriously confused KDE with XP. And the stripey icons, WOW, must have! ;-)

ofourdan said...

Actually, this is not KDE but Xfce, I know this because I've done some kind of consulting for these people.

PS: I do have one of these at home, I'll show you Bastien some day, once I bring it (and all my other stuff) over here.