Tuesday 22 May 2007

Je devrais avoir su mieux

Thanks John for providing me my pickup lines (via Google's translate feature).

I did watch some half-decent, and some crummy films:
  • The Aristocrats, some pompous unknowns, but also some very good actors/stand-up comedians. For the late nights in front on the sofa, with the laptop where it should be (that's on your lap).
  • White Chicks, I'm afraid to say I laughed, it's funnier than anything Eddy Murphy wish he'd done in the past ten years (minus Shreks). Actually, I looked at the filmography and it's 19 years since Coming to America.
  • Babel, I remember being torn between this film and Blood Diamonds when both came out at the same time at the cinema. The latter was a better film to watch at the cinema, but Babel stands up on its own as a character movie. I think I set my expectations too high, still good though.
  • Idiocracy, I can see why it went direct to video here, it's not worth showing in the cinema. This is no Office Space. Time for Starbucks!
  • Spider-man 3, oh the expected disappointment. I was pressured into watching it by a super-hero lover that didn't read the reviews. Read the reviews, kids! It's for your own good!
  • L'Empire des Loups, a horrid pile of crud. Looks like a Luc Besson-produced film, and certainly smells like it (but isn't one, despite how the saying goes). Ewww!
  • The Krays, just a film to polish my accent, a half-decent cock-e-ney gangster film. You're no Italian Job, mai love.
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend, a film for the evening, with a few good belly laughs. At least, unlike Eddie Murphy, Ivan Reitman made something half-decent after the eighties with this one.
  • And the best for last, Flushed Away, during which I felt just a little bit of wee come out. Especially when the frogs are called into "Action". I just love it. Rent it, buy it. I think I'll watch it again now. No I shouldn't. But I COULD! It's that good...


Anonymous said...

"Je devrais avoir su mieux" , erh how to say it ... I'm not sure to understand what you want to say with this title, even if I'm French ... ;)

May-be : J'aurais dû le savoir.

Google translate ... I guess you already know it, don't try to make understandable translation with it. I tried with a lot of languages and it doesn't work well with anyone.
Ern, anyway ... I've seen Babel too, good film :) .

Anonymous said...

"Je devrais avoir su mieux", you tried to translate "I should have known better" which is just "J'aurais du mieux savoir" en français, It is just for the record, I don't like french to be devasted by google, it doesn't need nor deserve that.

Anonymous said...

You have to be careful with "lap-based" laptops. They tend to burn your goolies.

Bastien Nocera said...

lejocelyn, how about Si j'avais su, j'aurais pas venu.