Tuesday 27 February 2007

Film update

And more blogging, this time films:
  • Bombs and blockbusters, a documentary about blockbusters, and how to make one. Not ground-breaking, but interesting nonetheless.
  • Confetti, a very very disappointing British comedy. I was expecting better from reading the casting.
  • Melinda and Melinda, a Woody Allen that's a bit more like the old stuff (ie. good)
  • The Brothers Grimm, a very entertaining fairy tale (with scary bits and decent plot included)
  • Children Of Men, excellent post-apocalyptic (ie. in 10 years time) Britain, solid acting, and interesting characters. I want more!
  • Blood Diamond, I got more! Di Caprio with a Zimbabwean accent for most part of the film, except when dying/yelling while dying.
  • The Last Kiss, I wanted to see more Zach Braff, and was a little disappointed. A film about relationships and "freedom" (ie. lack of responsibility). Doesn't really dwelve into the reasons for Braff's cheating, or that lack of commitment all the characters seem to be looking for.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you watched to the end of The Brothers Grimm? I had to turn it off it was so poor -- one of only three films I've ever stopped watching out of disappointment.